NYSE Euronext (NYX), a leading exchange operator and provider of innovative financial technology solutions to accelerate its trading network.

NYSE Euronext implemented its next-generation data centers to power mission-critical, low-latency trading. Our embedded solutions ensure that billions of customer transactions and quotes are handled daily at the lowest latency possible across the global trading platforms. NYSE Euronext’s two liquidity centers are critical operational infrastructure facilities that support several billion daily transactions and quotes across diverse asset classes and geographies.

NYSE Euronext is a technology company that operates exchanges around the world. We carefully select technology partners who deliver unparalleled innovation, yet are agile enough to work quickly and effectively with us from development to deployment.

Fastblaze is a robust, rigorously tested and fully supported solution that addresses our demanding support and service level requirements. In addition to providing the highest-performance, lowest latency hardware, our embedded unique and innovative application acceleration software can be deployed quickly without any need to re-write our applications.

Many leading companies around the world are using application-intelligent hardware and software solutions to accelerate network performance in a variety of market segments, including high-frequency trading, big data and social media. Since our solutions are easy to adopt and deploy, we decrease our customer’s time to revenue. Customers can move from the proof of concept testing to a full production deployment in a matter of days.

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Mixable of SSDs with high internal & external I/O in one solution.