VDI local storage solution can save money

As virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has become more common, companies are benefiting from the flexibility it offers. Virtual desktops deliver a more secure, easier to manage, and less costly computing experience than physical desktops.

But storage performance remains an issue for VDI. Legacy systems, which rely on traditional spinning disks, fall short in adequately serving VDI systems. Even hybrid storage systems struggle to feed the voracious IO appetite of VDI systems.

It is possible to meet the demands of a VDI system while cutting both operational and deployment costs. We find a way to find savings in VDI storage — both by moving to an all-flash model and by finding the right flash VDI solution.

How does Fastblaze help with VDI?

Fastblaze SSDs and all-flash arrays have changed the tiering rules in the system. Instead of a large primary RAID array tier of hard drives, we now have a relatively small, but extremely fast solid-state solution. This restructuring of the tiers recognizes that we only have a small amount of hot data in very fast storage and the rest can reside in bulk secondary storage.

Most companies have a broad variety of users, including task workers, power users, guest workers, contractors, and mobile employees. While VDI works great for some of these use cases, it’s entirely unsuitable for others. This is why VMware / Citrix offers a wide portfolio of desktop virtualization solutions.

For simple IT organizations, Horizon / XenDesktop makes VDI easy and affordable. It goes beyond standard VDI appliance solutions by delivering not only fully functioning virtual desktops which are less expensive than PCs, but also the apps employees need to remain productive. For customers with diverse users and needs, Horizon / XenDesktop is the market-leading enterprise-complete comprehensive desktop virtualization solution. Customers no longer have to take a one-size-fits-all approach to desktop virtualization. The Horizon / Citrix desktop virtualization portfolio enables businesses of all sizes to deliver the right type of virtual desktop for every user, every time.

Mixable of SAS, SATA and SSD with Low-Laterncy Unified Wire Adapter in one solution, up to 600TB Storage in one 4U box

3 main reasons to use VDI:

- Centralized and simplified IT desktop management

- Reduced cost and hardware

- Increased mobility and remote access

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Mixable of SSDs with high internal & external I/O in one solution.